write a paragraph (120-150) words about your favorite activity with your family when you were a child. write three reasons and examples why this was your favorite activity

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    I enjoy typical everyday fun time activities like board games, watching television and gardening when done together as a family. Not only are they inexpensive, but are also home based. Flower gardening is fun because it exhibits joint efforts by each family member in beautifying a home. We even enjoy a fresh vegetable meal from the produce of a home vegetable garden. There is a marked increase in appetite when the food we serve has been picked by the family from the garden.  Board games present direct challenges between individuals taking turns, and they have a fun way of sharpening intellect. Time we spend together watching quality television, excluding explicit content, is educating and gives interesting topics to discuss later when it is not television time. Having dinner with the whole family at the table is enjoyable. Outside the home, picnic activities in the local parks and camping sites provide for great fun. They offer a different environment to appreciate family company. The younger children enjoy flying homemade kites on windy days. The kites are always made with their contribution in coloring and decorating. For teens and adults, there are other activities including volleyball, racquet games like badminton, and more muscular events like tug of war. The participation for the sake of fun and not who wins or loses makes it all the more enjoyable. There is nothing to compete for other than liking the fact that you are making a family member happy. An added advantage is the fact that children who spent time away from home participating in sporting activities with their parents have been known to have better academic performances as well. Preparing snacks and lunch on such picnics is also an enjoyable activity on its own. Everyone has their pre defined roles to play and, within a short while each person is serving out paper plates of whatever they prepared. Each member ends up having a bite from everyone else. The day at the park is always energy draining for a good cause and ends with snacks and juices accompanied by relaxing music played from the car stereo.

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