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Explain how campaign organizations and strategies affect the election process.

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  • Answer:

    Party elites chose the candidates,

    funded their campaigns and orchestrated election strategies. For most of our early political history

    the candidates themselves were not even seen on the campaign trail. But as new technologies

    emerged in the early twentieth century, like radio and film, so too new election techniques were

    developed. Candidate centered campaigns began to replace party control over elections. Weakened

    parties had its problems. Candidates still needed help running their marketing campaigns.

    Professional campaign consultants filled this vacuum.


  • Different strategies are been deployed in a way that the elite of the party fund the campaign activities, choose the representative for general election, other members also support the party.

    This campaign strategy serves as a framework for the marketing efforts that sell the party to the public so they can win in general election.

    A political campaign can be regarded as organized effort which is put in place so as to influence the decision making progress in a political party.

    Political campaigns organization have a goal of affecting election process so they have victory in the general election.

    Therefore, the elites and members of the party must unite.

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