With this perspective, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper arguing for or against the Indian Removal Act.

1 Answer

  • The above question seeks to analyze your writing ability and your perception of the Indian Removal Act. For this reason, it is not correct for me to write this letter to you, but I will show you how to write it.

    First of all, you should know that the Indian Removal Act was established to remove Native Americans from the lands where they lived and forcibly place them on government-selected Indian reservations.

    Although many people believe this was a good decision to protect the natives from the settlers' ambition. Others claim that this decision was abusive, that forced the displacement of the natives from their lands, and placed them in inferior lands. The natives, in turn, do not think that this decision was correct and fair.

    You must research this law and determine your opinion of it, that is, you must determine whether this law was a good or bad decision.

    After that, you can write your letter as follows:

    • Start with a greeting to the person who will read your letter. This greeting can be "Dear Mr/Mrs ____" if you know the reader's name, or "Whom it may concern," if you don't know the reader's name.
    • Then introduce yourself and show why you are writing the letter.
    • Present your opinion on the Indian Removal Act, highlighting the reasons that made you build this opinion.
    • Show if you think the results of the Indian Removal Act are positive or negative.
    • End the letter by summarizing your arguments.
    • Say goodbye cordially.

    You can get more information about the Indian Removal Act at this link: