5. Which of the following is personified in paragraph 1?
A. the bike
B. the pavement
C. Jess's ideas
D. an alarm clock

2 Answer

  • Answer:A: the bike

    Explanation:in the text it says the bike tried staying upright and it gave in which are stuff ppl do and nun of the other options were personified

  • Personification is the use of human attributes to define or describe a non living thing or inanimate objects.

    For example, if a speaker says, "The beach smiled at us", this is the use of personification to show that that the beach was happy.

    This made use of a human attribute which is a smile to define the actions of the beach which is an inanimate object.

    Please note that your question is incomplete so I gave you a general overview so that you could get a better understanding.

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