the depression that began in 1837 sparked a large migration of settlers farther west. until the 1840s, the american presence in the area had been limited to a few fur traders and explorers. but between 1840 and 1845, some 5,000 emigrants made the difficult 2,000-mile journey by wagon train along the oregon trail. select on the map the start and finish points of the treacherous oregon trail.

1 Answer

  • According to historical perspective, the treacherous Oregon Trail started in Missouri and finished in Oregon City (Oregon).

    Though there is no map attached to the question, however, based on historical records, the Oregon trial began in present-day Missouri. It passed through modern-day Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and eventually into Oregon.

    The Oregon Trail occurred between the 1840s through the 1860s.

    Hence, in this case, it is concluded that the correct answer is "it started in Missouri and finished in Oregon City."

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