The Arts and Crafts movement was a type of rebellion to the over elaborate designs of the past, as it adopted more of a
simplistic strategy. What do you think is the most important contribution the Arts and Crafts movement made to architecture
and design, and why?

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    because it was a different type of art and it was good in good quality


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    In such a way, the Arts and Crafts Movement demanded a return to a basic style, whereby a building is contextualized in its environment and location and is built with the site in mind. These ideals would lead the design philosophies of many modern architects to become prominent in the twentieth century. This movement highly emphasized primitive, vernacular forms over the revivalism popular at the time, focused on the democratic and spiritual aspects of architecture, and in many ways laid the foundations for the development of modernism. An important example of an Arts and Crafts style building is the Red House, designed by William Morris and Philip Webb. This house, built for Morris, reflects the Arts and Crafts principles in its overall design, most notably in its asymmetry and natural appearance. The Arts and Crafts Movement was, in many ways, a precursor to modern architecture and design. This Movement’s emphasis on basic forms, asymmetry, and stripped-back design provides a foundation and framework for the later, modern designs to emerge from the twentieth century.

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