which of the following is the best definition for "logical?" A. careful and slow B. unemotional; dull C mathematical D makes sense​

2 Answer

  • D. If something is logical it simply makes sense and isn't confined to a specific topic or attached to a feeling
  • The Greek term logos, which means "reason, idea, or word," is the source of the adjective "logical." Therefore, to say something is logical suggests that it is founded on logic and sound reasoning, or else it is well-planned and devoid of emotion.

    Thus, Option A is correct.

    What does it mean to think logically?

    The process of analyzing an issue and coming up with a reasonable answer can also be described as logical thinking. It resembles critical analysis. Any problem can be objectively studied through the use of reasoning skills, which aids in coming to a logical conclusion about how to continue.

    The development of your profession depends heavily on your ability to reason through key decisions, solve difficulties, come up with innovative ideas, and create goals. Whether you're just starting out in the field or wish to develop your career, you'll face daily obstacles that call for logical reasoning abilities.

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