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There’s Two Truths and One Lie
Below are three statements. 2 are true and one is not. Which one of the
statements is not true? Explain how you know this.

1) To solve x - 3 = 6, you could add 3 to both sides.

2) To solve x - 3 = 6, you could subtract 3 from both sides.

3) To solve x - 3 = 6, you could think of a number that when you subtract 3 would
give you 6.

Use the ( RACE )method to answer. Type your answer in the box below using complete
sentences. Your answer should have at least 2-3 sentences.
R: Restate the problem
A: Answer the question
C: (not used in math)
E: Explain

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    1 & 3 correct, not sure how race method is used but it should be enough

    Step-by-step explanation:

    1 is correct since when you add 3 to -3 you get zero and leaves x on the left of the equal sign. then it's equally on both side so you add 3 to 6

    2 isn't correct, -3-3 gives -6 and x-6=3 won't give much of an answer

    3 is also correct. You basically think "a number that's 6 when you take away 3? could it be 9?" then you try and go 9-3? yes it's 6.