help i really want to learn how to draw any tips???​

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    look up videos


    look at something and try to draw it it takes practice it took me a long time how to draw now im good but we 2 different people but yea

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    ooh! I have SO many tips!

    1. ALWAYS check your referance!! to get better at drawing, you should begin to use referances first. when you feel confident, do things from your imagination. Look at pictures, objects, plants, and things that you would like to know how to draw.

    2. Stay Motivated!!! I remember looking at all of my friends other artwork and being so jealous, feeling sad that I wasn't at the level they were. But I stayed motivated! This helps so much with putting true passion and heart into your work.

    3. Understand color. I would recomend researching the color wheel. You can make some really unique and nice colors with primary and secondary colors that you would NEVER have thought of. an example of this is when you want to make an accurate skin tone- start with green or blue!

    4. Practice! I've been doing art for my entire life, and my progress has been uphill. Even tiny steps can help you improve!

    5. Be yourself. When drawing ANYTHING, add your own touch. It doesnt have to be perfect, it doesnt have to even be realistic! Find your style- it can change all the time! I know mine certainly does, but i've found a way of drawing that fits for ME, and when I draw, you can see that it is truly ME drawing.

    I hope this helps and I hope that your artistic journey is amazing!