why do you think the period from 1877 to world war 1 can be called the beginning of the "long american century"?​

1 Answer

  • America started to achieve extreme developments during the 20th century, which had begun just before the beginning of the World War I.

    What were the conditions of America before World War I?

    The World War took place in 1914 and ended in 1918. United States participated on a large level in the war. In the period before the World War I, America started establishing its prowess worldwide.

    Extreme industrialization hit the American society. Political reformations were also made, and social discrimination in the society also reduced at extreme levels.

    America had dominated the entire 20th century, as it became a global superpower, and became financially and politically strong.

    Thus, it may be said that the status of America before the World War I was the beginning of the long American century.

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