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    1 2/3, and -1 2/3

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Im wondering how old you are, and since you seem young just based off the math you're asked to do, please listen to the explanation and teach yourself this. This skill in particular is SOOO important to the rest of the math world. So since your number line is already divided into thirds, there are two ways you could find your answer. One, you can count 5 thirds away from zero, or two, you could simplify 5/3 from an improper fraction to a mixed number (1 2/3) and find your spot from there. "and the opposite" means not only the point 5/3 Away from zero on the Right, but also 5/3 away from zero on the Left. start from zero again and count the same amount away but in the opposite direction. With negatives it can help to think of how all numbers are just descriptions of how far left or right a number is from zero. i hope this helped lol, negatives are a confusing batch, but they're so so important to math as a whole.