6. What effect does the first sentence have on the overall piece?

1 Answer

  • In 1964, Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States of America gave a remarkable speech titled A Time for Choosing.

    At the time of giving this speech, President Reagan was a Hollywood actor and Motivational Speaker, but not yet president yet. The speech was given during a Presidential campaign on behalf of Barry Goldwater - a republican candidate.

    The opening sentence of that speech reads:

    "I am going to talk about controversial things. I make no apologies for this."

    That opening sentence has the effect of securing the attention of those who listen to or read it, knowing that the speaker, is about to make very audacious statements.

    A Time for Choosing or The Speech had many effects. It opened up Ronald Reagan for political opportunities and helped to raise a million dollars for the Goldwater campaign.

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