The examples of Filippi, Johnson, and Wu demonstrate that

1 Answer

  • The examples of Filippi, Johnson, and Wu demonstrate that the rehabilitation of young offenders is a promising system and that it can promote positive results.

    We can arrive at this answer because:

    • Filippi, Johnson, and Wu were young offenders who committed serious crimes, were arrested, and underwent rehabilitation.
    • This process allowed them to be reincorporated into society and to become citizens who contribute to the growth and success of the country.

    These three examples serve to support the author's position on life imprisonment for juvenile offenders. This is because the author is in favor of rehabilitation, as it is capable of allowing these young people to pay for their crimes, while contributing to the country's development, becoming professionals, and free and empowered citizens.

    This question is from the article "Do juvenile killers deserve a life behind bars?"

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