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The book states that power plays a role in research. Identify the statements that accurately explain how power imbalances affect research

1 Answer

  • The influence of power in investigations can truncate the purpose of the same because it can influence and bias the results of the investigation.

    Power is a widely studied concept in the social sciences that refers to the ability of an individual to influence the behavior of other people or social organizations through their economic, political, cultural, or social position.

    Power has been a controversial concept throughout history because historical figures who have had power have acted in questionable ways on many occasions. For example:

    • Donald Trump is a person who has had a lot of power throughout his life thanks to his work as an entrepreneur. This allowed him to influence society massively to become president of the United States.

    Power can influence research in different ways, one of them is by funding research when you have economic power.

    If you have political power, you can manipulate the results of an investigation, for example before an election, manipulate the investigation on the intention to vote to modify the perception of the people.

    Therefore, it can be affirmed that the imbalance of power negatively influences research because it modifies its results, turning it into a non-legitimate activity.

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