Social Studies


Sheila is a college student who wants to change recycling laws in her community. Explain how she might use outlined in the constitution to achieve her goal

2 Answer

  • She would have to suceed in what she needs to do. Then she would have to ask and achieve from the goverment to have them record it. for communitie survice.
  • Answer:

    petition, speech (start website), assembly (organization)


                   A  college student named Sheila wishes to change the recycling laws in her local community.

                    To achieve her goals, Sheila first has to frame new rules and points that favors the recycling methods both scientifically and economically. Also her recycling methods should not harm the surrounding environment.

                   She can then file a petition to the government requesting the government to consider her suggestions regarding the new recycling rules.

                 After that Sheila can star awareness programme and can even star a website to popularize her plans. She can also create an assembly or organisation or group in support of her suggestion to pressurized the government to implement these new rules as the new recycling laws in the constitution.

    Sheila can also take help of the media.