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examples of how geography make an impact on life in the ancient river!

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  • The harsh climate pushed the early Egyptian tribes toward the Nile River Valley, where the long, strong river kept the surrounding areas lush and green through regular flooding. This allowed the civilization to thrive even in the hot, dry desert. Egyptian culture and daily life revolved around the river because it brought the different seasons. The Nile also has a high place in Egyptian mythology and belief. In addition, the flow of the river determined how their trade routes were set up.The stones available in the land determined what kind of buildings the people were able to build, and the abundance of stones to mine led to the many monuments left behind thousands of years later. Without the solid stone available, such things as the pyramids would not have been possible. Egypt is historically known for the enslavement of Hebrews which aided in the expansion in the empire by providing free manual labor. The climate was harsh and the Nile broken up by dangerous rapids, keeping many invading forces out. This allowed the civilization to thrive for thousands of years with minimal examples of being taken over.