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Describe the Mediterranean climate zone. Where is it found, what is the weather like, and why is this climate zone important to the economies of the US and Canada? (Site 1)

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    The Mediterranean climate is found in small pockets on numerous continents, being hot in the summers and mild in the winters, and it is economically important because of the agricultural aspect. Explanation: ... This climate is characterized by hot and dry summers, pleasant springs and autumns, and mild and rainy winters.


  • A Mediterranean climate is known by its warm, dry summers as well as the cool wet winters. It is a very pleasant climate loved by many people.

    Mediterranean climate can be found in the Southern parts of Australia, the southern parts of Spain, Italy, southern France, Israel, Tunisia, Coastal California, Central part of Chile, around the Mediterranean basin etc. The Mediterranean climate zones are often found in the western sides of the continents.

    The Mediterranean climate zone is important to US and Canada because  there is no humidity but instead it is a growing season which can increase productivity. Also, more income can be generated through tourism in regions with Mediterranean climate.

    Thus, we can say that a Mediterranean climate is characterized by it's pleasant climate. you can learn more about Mediterranean climate here