Which type of mutation results in abnormal amino acid sequence?

2 Answer

  • If a substitution changes the amino acid to a “stop,” it's called a NONSENSE mutation. frameshift, missense, silent or nonsense (hint: deletion or insertion will always be frameshift). Sickel cell anemia is the result of a type of mutation in the gene that codes for part of the hemoglobin molecule.
  • The type of mutation which results in abnormal amino acid sequence is silent mutation

    However, this type of mutation does not have an observable effect on the organism's phenotype

    Whatever is silent mutation?

    This is a type of mutation which occurs as a result of abnormal amino acid sequence and does not havevobservable effect on the organism's phenotype

    What is mutation?

    Mutation can be defined as a change which occur in the DNA.

    They are mistakes which occur during cell division or due careless exposure to chemicals.

    Mutation could also be possible as a result of infections

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