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Sally and her family ate dinner at their favorite restaurant. The total cost of dinner was $76 including tax. They left an 18% tip. What was the amount of the tip?

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  • 13.68 is the answer because you multiply $76 by .18 :D
  • Answer:

    The tip is a payment that is made by consumers to certain direct service workers in recognition of the good service provided. Usually, tips are paid to waiters, taxi drivers or car parks, although this list is not taxative but by way of example.

    Generally, it is estimated that a tip should not be less than 15% of the value of the good or service consumed. In the case of Sally and her family, the tip is 18%, which is an acceptable percentage.

    In the case, Sally and her family spent $76 on their dinner at a restaurant. Taking into account that they left a tip of 18%, to know the total amount of tip left to the waiter we must perform the following calculation:

    76 x 18 / 100 = TIP

    1,368 / 100 = TIP

    13.68 = TIP

    As we can see, Sally left a tip of $13.68.