Can someone explain a Career pathway and a career cluster please.

1 Answer

  • an example of a career cluster is:

    Architecture & Construction:
    Careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment.
    (Pathways in the Agriculture & Construction Career Cluster include:
    Construction (building structures)
    Design and pre-construction (planning the building of structures and roads)
    Maintenance and operations (repairing buildings and ensuring components work properly))

    a career pathway is what the person has to do to obtain that career.
    For example what type of schooling does the person have to take? how long do they have to go to school for? do they have to obtain a certain degree? and so on. basically what are the steps to become a _____(you fill in the blank)

    hope this helps :)
    I just took a course like this so that is how I know