Social Studies


Selective cutting is preferable to clear-cutting because it _____. is less expensive only targets invasive species requires less man power targets a small, specific area of trees

2 Answer

  • targets a small, specific area of trees

  • Answer:

    It cuts only some of the trees in an area of forest, they are cut down at any one time so a different age group or species of tree in the forest is left for the next time. In this way, the forest is never empty with trees and it always has a variety of trees with different sizes, ages, and species.


    SELECTIVE-CUTTING and CLEAR-CUTTING are the two main methods of logging forests. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Clear-cutting is about cutting down all the trees in an area at once. It is a faster, safer and less expensive way to do it. But, the repercussions in the environment are tremendous. It leaves the topsoil with any protection against wind and rain erosion. Topsoil erosion is the responsibility for removing important nutrients so then it becomes harder to plant new trees. Selective-cutting is a good alternative. Because only some trees are cut down in an area. Because of its process, it allows the forest to remain strong ensuring a healthier ecosystem for the organisms living in there.