Jessica finds out that the government introduced a new trade policy that will increase import tariffs. She calls for a meeting of all of the company’s department heads to address this issue, which may increase the company’s production costs. What will be the purpose of this meeting?

strategic planning

2 Answer

  • I would say strategic planning. Let me know if I helped!
  • The purpose of the meeting being held by Jessica with the departments of the company is considered to be the strategic planning.

    Option C is correct.

    What is strategy?

    Strategy is referring to the action being taken to achieve the goal or objectives in the upcoming years. It is being implemented when the goals are related to longer durations.

    • Strategic planning is one of the tools where the leaders guide the organization about the future goals and objectives. It could be any factor that has an overall effect on the company's policies and its working. It helped the organization to make them ready for any situation being happened in the future.
    • The introduction of new trade policy by the government surely has an impact on the trading structure of the company as perceived by Jessica. The impact can be the result of increase in the tariffs on the imports of the company. Jessica holds the meeting for discussing the concerned issue.

    Therefore, the provided situation describes the purpose of the meeting to be strategic planning.

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