Using your knowledge of roots, choose the best word to complete the following sentence: Mark had a gift for ___________________________; he seemed to be able to relate to anyone's pain and sorrow. empathy apathy perfidy gravity

1 Answer

  • The correct answer is A. Empathy


    In language, it is common the meaning of words depends on the parts that compose them, this includes the root that is the basic section in the word as well as the prefixes or suffixes added to it. In the case of the word "empathy" the root in it is "pathy" that derives from the Greek word "pathos" that means feelings or suffering while "em" is a prefix that means "in". This implies the word "empathy" is about "feeling in" or identifying with the emotions or feelings of others and therefore this word is the one that completes the sentence as it is related to Mark being "able to relate to anyone's pain and sorrow".