There were 12 boys and 20 girls in a chorus.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

A. 3 : 5

B. 3 : 8

C. 5 : 8

D. 5 : 3

2 Answer

  • it is A if you divide them by 4

  • To find the ratio, we just put them in fraction in the order specified and simplify it as much as we can.

    The ratio of boys to girls is given by:

    Option A: 3 : 5

    How to find the ratio?

    If suppose first quantity is 'a' and second quantity is 'b', then the ratio of first quantity to second quantity is given by simplified form of  [tex]\dfrac{a}{b}[/tex]

    How to simplify a fraction?

    A fraction is of the form a/b. To simplify it means to remove common factors from both a and b such that no more common factor except 1 is left and both the numbers are integer.

    Example: 2/4 = 1/2 is the simplified form. We divided both numerator(the upper number) and the denominator(the lower number) by 2.

    How to find the ratio of boys to girls?

    Firstly we put them in fraction, the numerator will contain count of boys and the denominator will contain the count of girls.


    [tex]\dfrac{12}{20} = \dfrac{4 \times 3}{4 \times 5} = \dfrac{3}{5}[/tex]

    Thus, the needed ratio is 3 : 5 (pronounced 3 is to 5)

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