The Burj Khalifa, a building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is about 828 meters tall. Brody is making a scale model of this building, using the scale 500 meters : 1 meter.To the nearest tenth, how tall should Brody's model of the Burj Khalifa be?Enter your answer as a decimal in the box. PLease Hurry I Need Help

1 Answer

  • The correct answer for this question is this one: "Roughly 1.7 meters."

    The height is 828 meters tall. The scale model is 1 meter is equal to 500 meters.

    To the nearest tenth, Brody's model of the Burj Khalifa should be
    = 828 / 500
    = 1.656 meter
    Roughly 1.7 meters.

    Hope this helps answer your question and have a nice day ahead.