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Which one goes in the absolute dating column, relative column, and both.
Lesson 4.07: Relative and Absolute Dating DIRECTIONS: Use the facts below to complete the chart for Relative and Absolute Dating.
1. The Law of Superposition – the age of an object may be determined by the depth at which it is found, the deeper the object is in the Earth, the older it is.
2. Gives scientist an exact age of a rock fossil.
3. Scientist use their knowledge of the half-life of carbon and uranium isotopes to measure the age of the rock or fossil .
4. Used to determine the age of an object, when there is no record of a living thing.
5. Gives the approximate age of a fossil or artifact.
6. Used by scientist to determine the age of a fossil or artifact.
7. Estimates the order of geological or prehistoric events, but cannot be used to determine when these events have occurred.
8. Measures the decay of a rock or fossil to measure the age.

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