what were the national goals of the five great powers

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  • They wanted to prevent wars, develop better relationships with each other, create ad maintain a balance of political power, and work together to address the needs of all people¬†throughout Europe.
  • Answer:

    The main objectives were to resolve their differences, to resolve political differences, to prevent the generation, establishment of economic, trade and political agreements, to maintain a political balance and to meet each other's needs.


    Some European nations have joined the group called the five great powers, partnering and resolving conflicts between them. These nations were Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria and France (Portugal could not participate at the time, because the royal family was refugees). The main objective of this group was to resolve differences between these nations, but some secondary objectives were to prevent wars, to establish political, economic and trade agreements, to restore old borders, to help in solving problems, to maintain a political and economic balance, among others.