Starting with prophase, what is the correc order of the four diagrams above

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  • Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase¬†
  • Answer:

    Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase  


    In the prophase there is fragmentation of the nuclear envelope, and the chromosomes continue to condense. In the centromere of the chromosomes, the presence of the kinetochore (complexes formed by specialized proteins) is noted, which serves as a place for the binding of the microtubules. Each sister chromatid has its own canector. The microtubules that bind to the kinetochores are called microtubules of the kinetochore. It is worth emphasizing that some microtubules do not interact with kinocochori, distending from one pole to another.

    In the metaphase, we observed that the centrosomes are positioned at opposite poles of the cell, and the chromosomes are assembled in the so-called metaphasic plate (equatorial plane). At this stage, neither the nuclear envelope nor the nucleolus is observed.

    Anaphase is the shortest phase of mitosis, starts abruptly with the simultaneous separation of sister chromatids and is completed within a few minutes. At this stage, each chromatid begins to move towards the opposite side of the cell. This movement occurs as a result of the shortening of the kinococcus microtubules due to the loss of tubulin subunits. In this stage, we see the cell elongation and at the end of the anaphase stage it is observed that there is, at each end, a complete collection of chromosomes.

    In telophase, it is possible to notice the formation of nuclei because of the resurgence of nuclear envelopes around each chromosome lot. The envelopes arise from fragments of the nucleus of the mother cell and also from other portions of the cell's endomembrane system. In addition to the nucleus, the nucleolus also reappears. In this phase, it is also verified that the chromosomes are condensed, the microtubules that are still present disappear. In this phase, the mitosis is completed and the nuclei of the daughter cells enter interphase.