How might the Industrial Revolution and the birth of capitalism motivate countries to dominate other countries or regions?

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  • The main mechanism by which this might have or could have happened is through increases in the desire to increase monetary gain. Because the main driver of capitalism is an increase in sold goods when a country increases its land this inadvertenly makes the country more likely to earn more money through opening companies, etc. 
  • Answer:

    Increases in the drive to increase monetary gain are the key method through which this would have or could have occurred.


    • The Industrial Revolution dramatically boosted production capacity. It was necessary to create a greater demand for these products. Controlling the rest of the world allowed them to limit their ability to produce commodities while also providing a market for their own goods.

    • One of the disadvantages of capitalism as an economic system is that it creates competition between countries and perpetuates poverty in developing countries due to private firms' individual interests rather than the needs of their workers.

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