what did Jane Addams try to do?
A) Help victims of natural disasters by creating the american red cross
B) Educate freed slaves by opening schools in the new south
C) Improve the living conditions of immigrants by establishing Hull House
D) Fight for womens suffrage by organizing a rally in Seneca Falls, New York

2 Answer

  • C. - It was the first of 10 places opened to help immigrants. Opened in 1889 in Chicago and named after the building's original owner.
  • Answer:

    The correct answer is C. Jane Addams tried to improve the living conditions of immigrants by establishing Hull House.


    Jane Addams was an American feminist, pacifist and reforming social worker. In 1889 she founded the Hull House with Ellen Gates Starr, which today is a museum.

    Hull House served as a place of residence for social reformers and offered a wide variety of cultural, social and educational services as well as meeting places for the underprivileged population of Chicago, which was home to many immigrants from Europe.