For a treasure hunt game, 300 balls are hidden. Of the balls that are hidden, 40% of them are yellow and the rest are white. Sally's team finds 20% of the yellow balls and 80% of the white balls. How many balls did Sally's team find?

1 Answer

  • So first you want to multiply the percentage of the yellow balls by three to get the amount of "300%" which is 300 balls. Munising¬†100 by 40, you get 60% is white. So multiply that by three also. So for Yellow, you have 120 balls, and for white, you have 180. So you take 120 and take 20% of it, and it would give us 24. You take the 180, and that one gives us 144. So if you add 144 and 24, Sally's team found 168 balls out of 300.