Which best describes the reaction of other Southern states to South Carolina’s secession?
A- They demanded a second presidential election
B- They remained in the Union.
C- They demanded that Jefferson Davis become president
D- They voted to secede from the Union.

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  • The statement that best describes the reaction of other southern states to South Carolina's secession is that they voted to secede from the union.

    What is South Carolina's session?

    It is defined as the declaration of the Primary Reasons or casualties Which Render and Explain the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union.

    This is also called the South Carolina Testimony of Secession. It was a statement that was published on 24th Dec. 1860., by the government of South Carolina to illustrate its bases for splitting from the US.

    The reaction to South Carolina's session describes that they voted to secede from the union, with the members that were elected for the next month.

    Therefore, option D is correct.

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