Which of the following had the most influence on America's growing trade with Britain and its reduction of trade with Germany during the period 1914- 1916?
a. The British needed American goods and weapons, and the Germans did not
b. More Americans sympathized with Britain than with Germany
c. British agents sabotaged American businesses that traded with Germany
d. American bankers such as J P Morgan were willing to loan money to Britain but not to Germany
e. The British Navy controlled the Atlantic shipping lanes

2 Answer

  • More Americans sympathized with Britain than with Germany becuase of there long history of friendship and because of things that happened with Germany.... and because of that, they obviously did not trade with the Germans.
    some of the reasons that they did not symphathize with the germans

    1) The Germans were sinking AmericanĀ  ships even after the US warned the Germans not to mess with them.
    2) The Germans sent the Zimmermann note to Mexico that asked for the Mexicans to help the Germans and in turn, the Germans would take back lands lost to the US including present day California, Texas, etc.
    3) The Sinking of the Lusitania (search up for correct way to spell the ship): There are ~128 Americans onboard when the ship sunk
    order of eventsĀ 
  • Answer:

    Americans who sail across the Atlantic on British ships are risking their lives.


    NOTICE! TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.


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