How many non bonded electron pairs are in the tetracyanoethylene molecule?

2 Answer

  • Each of the Nitrogen atoms has 2 non bonded valence electrons, meaning that there are 4 pairs total.
  • Answer:

    There are 4 non bonded electron pair in tetracyanoethylene


    • In tetracyanoethylene, four cyano groups are attached with an ethylene moiety.
    • Non bonded electron pairs in tetracyanoethylene molecule are present on N atoms in cyano groups.
    • Each N atom in a cyano group contains one non bonded electron pair.
    • There are 4 cyano groups in tetracyanoethylene.
    • Hence there are 4 non bonded electron pair in tetracyanoethylene.
    • Lewis structure of tetracyanoethylene has been given below.

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