A glucose molecule is to starch as _____.

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  • A Nucleotide is to a Nucleic Acid. This is because many glucose molecules are linked to form starch. In a similar way, to make a Nucleic acid, many nucleotides need to be joined up.

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  • Starch is a complex sugar that is composed of monomeric units, glucose. Similarly, the nucleic acid is made of nucleotides as their structural units. Thus, option d is correct.

    What are nucleic acids?

    Nucleic acids are information-carrying molecules and are an essential hereditary unit of the living organism. They are involved in the central dogma process that produces proteins essential for cell activity and growth.

    The nucleic acids, RNA, and DNA are made of nucleotides that comprise a ribose or deoxyribose sugar, phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing base (purines and pyrimidines). The purines include A and G, while pyrimidine includes C, U, and T.

    Therefore, glucose is the unit of starch, while nucleotide is the unit of nucleic acid.

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    Your question is incomplete, but most probably your full question was, A glucose molecule is to starch as _____.

    • an amino acid is to a nucleic acid
    • a nucleic acid is to a polypeptide
    • a steroid is to a lipid
    • a nucleotide is to a nucleic acid
    • a protein is to an amino acid