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A focus on how we learn observable responses is most relevant to the ____________ perspective.

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    A focus on how we learn observable responses is most relevant to the behavioral prespective.


    Behavioral perspective focuses on observable behavior and analyzes all observable behavior as a response to a certain stimulus, whether it is a conscious or an unconscious response. It has focused on the process that occurs between stimulus and response that ultimately leads to an observable behavior.

  • The answer is the behavioral perspective. A focus on how we learn observable responses is most relevant to the behavioral perspective.




    Behaviorism is a theory in psychology that focuses on learning and behavior. The behavior in behaviorism is explained as a stimulus-response relationship. There are some main keys to understand behaviorism better:


    - Environment affects behavior

    Behaviorists believe that one’s behavior is a result of an interaction with the environment. People became molded and conditioned to respond in a certain way because they are either praised or rewarded if they responded in that way.


    - Learning is through responses and stimuli

    Behaviorists often focus on the observable events, then analyzing what happens inside a person’s head. Behaviorists often neglect feelings and thoughts.


    - Learning has to involve a behavioral change.  

    Behaviorists believe that if a person actually learns something, there will be an observable change in their behavior.  


    - Learning happens when stimulus and response occur in a similar time

    Learners will associate response and stimulus. In order for the learning phase to happen, the stimulus and response must happen continuously, or in another word, close together in time.


    - Animals and humans learn in a similar way.

    Behaviorists use animals to be subjects in their studies because they believe that the study of animals can explain human learning behavior.


    There are some famous behaviorists, such as John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, and Edward Thorndike. Some famous theories in behaviorism include the law of effect, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning.


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