Which colony split into two colonies in 1712? florida georgia carolina virginia?

2 Answer

  • Carolina : North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Answer:

    The colony that split in two colonies in 1712 was the Province of Carolina.


    The Province of Carolina was a colony of British America (1663-1712) controlled by the ''Lords Proprietors'', a group of eight English nobles conducted by Anthony Ashley Cooper, first Earl of Shaftesbury. Disagreements over the form of government of the province led to the appointment of a deputy governor to administer the northern half of the colony in 1691.

    The division between North and South was completed in 1712, but both colonies remained in the hands of the same group of owners. A rebellion against the owners broke out in 1719 which led to the appointment of a royal governor to South Carolina in 1720. Both provinces became royal colonies in 1729.


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