If a golf ball and a bowling ball are rolling at the same speed, the _________ ball has a greater momentum.

2 Answer

  • If a golf ball and Bowling ball are rolling at the same speed, the bowling ball would have greater momentum.
  • Answer: Bowling ball has a greater momentum than a golf ball.


    Momentum is defined as the product of mass and velocity of an object. Mathematically,



    p = momentum of the object

    m = mass of the object

    v = velocity of an object

    Momentum is directly dependent on mass and velocity of the object.

    We are given that both the balls are moving with the same speed which means that the velocity of both the balls are same. So, the momentum will be dependent on mass of the ball only.

    The ball having greater mass will have higher momentum than the ball having less mass.

    As, mass of bowling ball is very high than the mass of the golf ball. Thus, it will have greater momentum.


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