Explain how a reader might interpret the same character, in two different settings, differently. your answer should be at least 150 words.

2 Answer

  • An easy example can be Hamlet. Some directors of the play put him in the setting where the ghost is real and played by another actor. Others put him in a setting where the ghost is played by the Hamlet actor giving off the impression that he is insane. These are two different settings for the same character and create completely different images. Use this paragraph as a starting point for your essay.
  • Characters that are well written are extremely complex, just as people in real life are. And just like people, characters will be slightly different depending on the situation in which they are placed.

    For example, if a character is serious while inside a church, we might perceive this character as thoughtful, respectful, traditional or religious. However, if the character is in a party, we might perceive the same behaviour as something that a shy or awkward person would do. Although the character has not changed, the variety of setting can make us perceive them differently.