One of the key characteristics that defines a desert is the constantly high temperature. true or false

2 Answer

  • False. It's false because the deserts temperature cools down at night.
  • The correct statement is - False.

    The deserts are defined by the amount of precipitation, not by the temperature. This is due to the different location of the deserts around the world which experience different temperatures and are influenced by different types of air masses, as well as having different amounts of sun radiation.

    Even though the most popular thought is that the deserts are scorching hot, it is not always the case. Even the hottest deserts tend to cool of significantly through the night and come close to 0 °C, and that is the tropical regions. The so called ''cold deserts'', are further away from the tropical region, and while they do tend to be hot during the summers, they have temperatures that can go to -30°C, and that is much lower than most of the places in the world.