Ocean currents can moderate climate by distributing
a. heat from the poles upward toward the equator.
b. heat from the equator upward toward the poles.
c. heat from the poles back down towards the equator.
d. cooler water from the equator upward toward the poles.

2 Answer

  • Ocean current circulations move warm water toward the poles and colder water toward the equator.
  • Answer:

    b. heat from the equator upward toward the poles.


    • The ocean waves and the currents are generally, said to alter the climate of a place by the production of the heat from the equator to the poles and the cold from the poles to the equator.
    • The ocean current thus help in circulation of the temperature in the earth surface and these currents are caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis and thus are more easily to modify the temperature on the globe and these winds in motion generally create a circulator patterns that deflect them in a clockwise order to the north and the anticlockwise to e southern side.
    • Hence they cause the warm water to rise and the cold water that heavy to sink below and form s the thermohaline circulation.