What is the truth value for the following conditional statement?
p: true
q: true

∼q → ∼p

F F → T
T T → T
T T → F
F F → F

Its A. F F → T Right?

2 Answer

  • Yes that's right it tells u its self
  • Answer:

    Option A, F F → T

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The truth value for the statements are followed

    p : true

    q : true

    Then truth values of ~p : false

                         and      ~q : false

    Now we have to find the truth value of (~p ⇒ ~q)

    In implication truth value of two statements is false.

    Only when P is true and Q is false otherwise in every condition truth value will be true.

    So ~p ⇒ ~q : True

    Option A, F F → T will be the answer.