Valid reasoning will NOT use fallacious reasoning, will provide supporting details that are relevant and sufficient, and will be logical.

Which evidence most effectively supports the claim that Tom would make a great school president?

Choose which sentences are valid reasoning. there is more than one correct.

A. He wrote a paper in elementary school on the branches of government so he knows about governing.

B.As captain of the football team he has experience in leadership and problem solving.

C. He is popular and charming.

D. He has experience in student politics from serving on the student senate so he knows how the school works.

1 Answer

  • I'd say B and D. Elementary school reports don't necessarily equate to knowledge of a subject (and research on the branches of government doesn't help you know¬†how to govern), so A is out. C is nice, but popularity and charm do not a leader make, he might have ulterior motives to being as such, maybe taking advantage of the power? B and D show things he has done that would give him useful skills in the position.