Forms of art depend upon _____________________
a. the message the artist wants to convey and the culture.
b. the artist’s tastes and the message the artist wants to convey.
c. current trends and available materials.
d. the money the artist can get from pieces sold. please select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d

2 Answer

  • Your answer should be:
    b. the artist’s tastes and the message the artist wants to convey. 
  • The artist's preferences and the message they want to communicate determine the forms of art. The message of each painting is unique to what the artist is trying to communicate.

    They also wish to convey a message through art that they are unable to express in words but may do so through the medium of art.

    What ideas can art communicate?

    People have always utilized art to communicate without using words throughout history. Art can transmit strong emotional feelings, support a certain religion, or promote political ideals. An early illustration is the Byzantine mosaic linking Roman control with religion found in the Basilica of San Vitale in Italy.

    There are numerous ways to communicate through art without using words. They can sometimes be plainly visible, such as in a jubilant photo of a political figure.

    However, there are also occasions when a work of art communicates through aspects you might not immediately notice, such as the color scheme, composition (the underlying form and how elements interact with one another), or the way the forms are joined or dispersed.

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