Los chicos no __________ simpáticos.

A. somos
B. ser
C. es
D. son

2 Answer

  • Los chicos no ____son______ simpáticos.

  • Answer:

    a. somos

    Los chicos no somos simpáticos.

    Somos is the conjugation of the verb ser for the first-person singular (nosotros - we) in the simple present. Recall that the simple present tense is used to talk about habitual actions or routines. This tense is also used to describe things that happens now or in the near future. Moreover, we use the verb ser to talk about permanent or lasting attributes. In this way, this verb stands for descriptions, occupations, characteristics, time, origin and relationships. In this sentence, this verb stands for a DESCRIPTION, that is, it describes the physical description of some boys. So they aren't attractive.


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