Which one of the following temperatures is equal to 5°c?
a. 0 k
b. 465 k
c. 278 k
d. 41 k

2 Answer

  • C, 278 kelvins would equal 5 celsius. (:

  • Answer: Option (c) is the correct answer.


    When we have to convert temperature from kelvin to degree celsius then we subtract 273 from the given temperature.

    Whereas if we have to convert temperature from degree celsius to kelvin then we add 273 into the given temperature.

    Therefore, convert 5 degree celsius temperature into kelvin as follows.

                            (5 +  273) Kelvin

                           = 278 k

    Thus, we can conclude that 278 k  temperature is equal to [tex]5^o{C}[/tex].