Why is it important for IT professionals to be systematic?

A. Because being systematic means if you're taking something apart, you need to have a plan for putting it back together.
B. Because being systematic means that you were born with the ability to learn programming languages.
C. Because being systematic means that you can design award-winning websites.
D. Because if you aren't systematic, you will never be hired for a job.

2 Answer

  • Answer: is A

    Explanation:Hope this answer is helpful for you

  • Being an IT professional, a person should always remain systematic because for getting a job, one must look systematic, and if is not, then it a quite tough to get the job. Hence, Option D is correct.

    Who is an IT professional?

    The term IT professionals is a combination of two terms, one is IT and the second is professional. When a person who is engaged in activities that are concerned with money-making, that activity is known as a profession. The other term is IT which is used for Information Technology. The term has a direct connection with computers and their parts.

    When a person adopts IT as a profession, there are various tasks that can be performed by the person. Like testing, building, repairing, and maintaining the hardware and software. These tasks can be easy as well as a complex computer. An IT professional can work from any location. For being an IT professional, it is not compulsory to have a degree, the only thing that one needs is basic knowledge and skills to learn new things.

    Thus, Option D is correct.

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