What motivates Zhu Wenli to sing revolutionary songs instead of Uigur folk songs?

her fear of being thought anti-revolutionary
her hatred of capitalist society
her dislike of Uigur music
her interest in Mao Zedong's teachings

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    her fear of being thought anti-revolutionary


    Zhu Wenli a youthful female instructor in "A Decade", a short story composed by Ha Jin, creator of "Under the Red Flag" a depiction of China during the Cultural Revolution which included numerous oppressive laws.

    Zhu Wenli was worried about being accounted for practice of Uigar folklore, which was illegal around then. During her time, being anti-revolutionary could cause you to be removed so essentially what persuades her to sing progressive tunes is her dread of being eventually punished for not being revolutionary.

    You can confirm it in this excerpt:

    "I dont know whether Niu Fen reported Wenli to the school leaders. After that, I never heard her sing the song again, and she only sang the revolutionary songs she taught us in class."