Line AB contains points A (0, 1) and B (1, 5). The slope of line AB is

negative 1 over 4
1 over 4

I'm thinking it's D. Just need confirmation. Thank you! (:

1 Answer

  • General equation of line is [tex]y=mx+n[/tex] where m is slope and n is point on y-axis. So just use points in question to determine what m and n must be. Let me show you.

    For A(0,1), put this point in [tex]y=mx+n[/tex] then you have [tex]1=m.0+n[/tex] Hence [tex]n=1[/tex]

    Now use second one that is B(1,5), then you get [tex]5=m.1+1[/tex] since [tex]n=1[/tex]. Finally you get [tex]m=4[/tex] that is slope.

    So you are right. It is D