Which of the following best decribes the new middle class that emerged as a result of industrialization

1 Answer

  • ┬áThe middle class was the new social class. It was composed of businessmen such as shop, factory owners, doctors and lawyers. The businessmen built the factories and bought the machines. In the middle class men had the right to vote and be represented in parliament. This class grew in numbers and wealth, and soon the middle class started to become as powerful and rich as the upper class. So they started to dress like the upper class and host expensive dinner parties. However the middle class did not have servants, but they might have had a nanny to look after the children. The working class was also a new social class but it was not as positive as the middle class. In fact it was the poorest class. It was made up of people who could not make enough money farming and so had to work in factories. They worked in the factories for up to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. They got low wages and the work caused them injuries and sometimes death